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“Human Beatbox – Personal Instrument” as an e-book is sold at an unprecedented pay what you want price. That’s right. The suggested price is $19, but you name the final price.

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If you’re not sure if this book is for you, i’d suggest risking it and buying the manual for a price of a drink in your area. It’s like you’re trying out a new flavor – maybe it’ll turn out bad, and maybe you’ll find your new favorite :) If the book boosts your vocal skills, I’d appreciate if you paid more than the suggested price of $19. Each and every amount (after taxes, etc) supports my beatbox activities and lets me work developing beatboxing knowledge worldwide. Help me out, ok?

If you’re doing paid beatbox workshops then I suggest dropping a fair amount on this manual. Why? Because you’ll definitely increase the quality of your workshops using materials presented in my book. You’ll get a few month’s worth of excercises and music theory, so the investment will pay for itself quickly.

This “pay what you want” price model is pretty new, but it already got it’s acclaim by international artists, including Nine Inch Nails, Amanda Palmer, Moby. See Amanda’s TED talk “The art of asking”.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Past & Future
  3. Beatbox fitness
  4. The basics of vocal percussion
  5. Feel the rhythm!
  6. Bass, melody & scratches
  7. Voice projection and breathing
  8. Microphones
  9. Interaction in a band
  10. Cause a scene
  11. Record after the beep
  12. Beatbox glossary

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see the beatbox book

Pierwszy taki podręcznik

  • 214 pages in A5 format
  • 110 pages full of color pictures and illustrations
  • interviews with two beatbox pioneers
  • numerous vocal excercises
  • techniques for breath and articulation
  • how to operate audio equipment
  • acoustics and audio effects explained
  • autopresentation and interacting in a band
  • beatbox games and excercises that develop your skills


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