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Patryk TikTak Matela author of Human Beatbox - Personal Instrument


Patryk TikTak Matela author of Human Beatbox - Personal Instrument


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Patryk TikTak Matela

A beatbox coach with over 10 years of experience, co-organizer of Polish Beatbox Battle, a pioneer combining beatbox with unique styles from all over the world, author of the first human beatbox manual. Meet TikTak.

Patryk “TikTak” Matela got interested in human beatbox before even knowing its name, but started working on it seriously since 2002. Since that time he’s been publishing at ZegarTikTaka.pl, the first and largest Polish beatboxing website, visited by over 600,000 people worldwide. TikTak published in Hip-Hop.pl magazine, interviewing hip-hop legends, including: Coolio, Afu-Ra, Rahzel or Killa Kela. TikTak is a Master of Arts in English, graphic designer by profession.

TikTak appears all over the place, judging competitions, having workshops and rocking shows. He’s been beatboxing in London, Edinburgh (UK), Berlin, Cologne, Bochum (Germany). Since 2004 he’s been organizing the official Polish beatbox championships – WBW Polish Beatbox Battle, the largest beatbox event in Poland, in partnership with multinational Beatbox Battle Network.

Often appearing on TV and radio shows (e.g. “Teleexpress”, “Kuźnia Talentów, “Kawa czy herbata” TVP, “Czułe Dranie” TV4, Trójka, Radio Bis, Radiostacja, Radio Kampus) and world beatbox conventions. He’s having regular beatbox and vocal workshops, judging battles all over Poland, organizing beatboxing events in clubs and in the Warsaw Subway. TikTak dropped his beats in pioneering hip-hop theatre plays “12 Benches” by Jarosław Staniek and “Morosophus” by Tomasz Gilewicz, as well as the movie “It’s not evening yet” by Jacek Bławut. He performed in the avantgarde Bauagan Mistrzów and appears on the album “Plac Zabaw” published in 2008 r. Author of world’s first complex human beatbox manual “Human Beatbox – Personal Instrument”. He cooperated with Wielkie Joł studio and numerous artists of the Polish music scene. He also beatboxed for charity, having workshops in a youth correctional facilities, dangerous neighbourhoods and foster homes. During Turning Sounds 4 and “TS5” festivals TikTak collaborated onstage with experimental vocalists Phil Minton, Sainkho Namtchylak and Didi Bruckmayr. In September 2008 he performed on the prestigious “Warsaw Autumn” beatboxing in compositions by Polish and South-American composers alongside “Kwartludium” quartet. The concert was repeated in 2009 in Łódź Philharmonics. In 2014 TikTak took part in “Rivers of Europe” – an international project, performing with 4 contemporary dancers, other musicians and visual artists. He performed in over 30 shows, in places like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

Currently TikTak performs in “Zooplan” with beatboxing clarinetist Michał Górczyński, in “Large Fiu” with Edyta Glińska and Patryk Walczak, also as a session musician in a few other projects. He’s also running regular beatboxing workshops and voice coaching sessions in Warsaw.

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