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Bee Low – Founder of Beatbox Battle Network, organizer of Beatbox World Championships



Roxorloops - Beatbox World Vice Champion about the beatbox book

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Roxorloops – Beatbox World Vice Champion


Zgas - Polish Beatbox Champion 2005 and 2006 about the beatbox book

This book is world’s first complete collection of information on beatboxing. I will use these materials for teaching beatbox. Young students of beatboxing will definitely use this knowledge. Great job, TikTak! I recommend this to everyone, from beginners to pros. I admire the author!!!

Zgas – Polish Beatbox Champion in 2005 and 2006


Blady Kris - Polish beatbox Champion 2004 about the beatbox book

photo: artist archive

Bravo. Finally somebody tackled the beatboxing manual. Both the practitioners of beatboxing and the international scene will find this book handy. A piece of professional work. Everything is written clearly and in good style. I highly recommend this book.

Blady Kris – Polish Beatbox Champion in 2004, multivocalist i beatbox coach


Zorak Polish beatbox Champion about the beatbox book

photo: Wiktor Wolny

I’ve been beatboxing for over 10 years now. My assumptions were correct – TikTak is the perfect person to write a book about beatboxing – through his approach towards life, his own organism and other people. I gladly read the book, all 200 pages of it. I’ve found out how to prepare for performing on stage – both physically and mentally (and I don’t only mean beatboxing). I also find author’s view on beatbox history interesting, as well as training and audio recording techniques, anatomy of the vocal and many other tips and tricks.

On several occasions, I’ve had the pleasure to ask TikTak to have his beatbox workshops in my indepenent club Bekstejdż. His workshops, especially seen live, are awesome. People break their barriers, and TikTak is like an encyclopedia of tips and tricks helping us to perform better as beatboxers. First of all, I recommend to read this book – of course the printed copy – and later come see his workshops.

Zorak – Polish Beatbox Champion in 2008, Vice Champion in 2009, raper (NTK, Tabasko)


Crashu - Polish beatbox Champion 2010 and 2012 about the beatbox book

In every skill, the foundations are most important. It’s the root of our tree – in this case beatbox. That is why I often come back to the basics and work on them. TikTak’s book makes this simple that’s why I will use it gladly. I recommend it to those who are beatbox beginners as well as well-established professionals.

Crashu – Polish Beatbox Champion in 2010 and 2012


Natalia Kawałek about the beatbox book

photo: artist archive

Patryk Matela’s book will be interesting not only to beatboxers, but also the vocalists learning to sing. It turns out that these vocal disciplines have more in common that one could think; all exercises in the book, including breathing and warm-ups, are also used in singing. The great advantage of this book is its clear form, without any weird metaphors or complicated explanations. This unusual manual will also prove useful for professional singers – both as inspiration and a way to further develop their skills so they can perform modern music, reaching far beyond the usual Bel Canto.

Natalia Kawałek, opera singer, soprano