World’s first complete human beatbox book.

214 pages of vocal knowledge, with over 110 photos and illustrations.

It’s world’s first beatbox manual of this length! Learn the secrets of beatboxing, improve your diction, learn to breathe more efficiently and perform great on- and off-stage. This book will help you improve your skills in more ways than you think.

“Human Beatbox – Personal Instrument” is a vast amount of knowledge collected over more than 12. years of author’s work (and fun). Patryk “TikTak” Matela is one of the most popular beatboxers in Poland, co-organizer of the Polish Beatbox Battle, experienced musician and showman, experimenting with vocals in all genres of music. Since 10 years he teaches beatboxing to kids, grown-ups and business people.

This beatbox book works great together with instructional videos that are available free on this site.

beatbox book Human Beatbox Personal Instrument

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